Stuck with a loan rate that’s too high? We can get you out of it fast.

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Nobody likes paying more than necessary. If you have a loan at another financial institution, Allsteel Credit Union might be able to save you a lot of money.

Now through December 31, 2017, we’ll refinance vehicle and personal loans you have elsewhere for up to 2 percentage points less than your current rate.*

Refinancing with us not only can lower your monthly payment, it can provide significant savings over the life of your loan — money you can use for other important things.

With this special opportunity, you can consolidate multiple higher-rate debt obligations all into a single loan. Then make just one convenient payment a month. So you can simplify your life while you save money.

Allsteel makes refinancing fast and easy. We can also make repaying your loan a snap with automatic transfers from your Allsteel savings or checking account.

But don’t wait. The sooner you refinance, the more you’ll save. Apply online, call 630.906.2050, or stop by our office.

*Offer is reserved for qualified individuals and applies to vehicle loans (cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, watercraft) and personal loans currently financed at institutions other than Allsteel Credit Union. In some cases, Allsteel may be unable to refinance vehicle/personal loans for 2 percentage points less because, for vehicle loans, the lowest Annual PercentageRate (APR) you can refinance to is 2.50% for 60 months for 2013-2017 models. For personal loans, the lowest APR you can refinance to is 7.25% for up to 48 months. Vehicle-loanpayment example: $1,000 financed for 60 months at 2.50% APR is a payment of $18.00 per month. Personal-loan-payment example: $1,000 financed for 48 months at 7.25% APR is a payment of $24.06 per month. Rates subject to change without notice. All loans subject to credit approval. A $30 documentation fee applies to each loan. The lowest available APRs under this offer reflect discounts up to 1.50% from among the following: .50% for eStatements; .25% for automatic loan payments; .25% for direct deposit; .25% for an active checking account; .25% for a mortgage or home equity loan; .25% for a credit card; .25% for putting down 10% or more on an auto loan.

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